3 Player Dart Games

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The game of darts has been around for several hundred years. Over the past few centuries, a lot of variations of the game came about bringing forth a few of the most well-known versions. For those of you who want to get together as a group and play a few rounds, here are five games if there’s only 3 people.

For each of these games, throwing order will be decided by distance to bullseye – closest to furthest.

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In this game, the goal is to be the last player with a life on the scoreboard. Each player will begin with three lives. One dart will be thrown with the players weaker hand and the number the dart lands on will be the players number for the remainder of the game. *If a player hits bullseye, they must re-throw until a number is hit.*

The goal of each player is to hit the double of their number to be named a killer. Once named a killer, they must hit their opponents double. Each hit to the opponents double causes them to lose a life. If a player hits their own number they can also lose a life.

The last player with lives left on the board is the winner.

Blind Killers

This variation of the game Killers is must more interesting. Here, you do not know your opponents’ number. Numbers 1-20 are written down and held in a basket and each player will choose a paper and that becomes their number for the duration of the game. Since this version is secretive, it relies on the honesty of each player the entire game, otherwise, it is played exactly the same.

A few key differences here are:

  • You do not need to hit your double to become a killer
  • You do not need to keep score on a board at any time
  • You only know what your number is, and you know nothing about the other players number

So get your best poker face ready and have fun!


The High and Low games are fun opposites of each other. Both games have the same basic ground rules, with a few differences in scoring depending on the game.

First we’ll talk about High

Once throwing order is figured out, the first player will throw two darts simultaneously at the board to set a number. Triples and doubles count normally, but bullseye counts as 25 and double bullseye as 50. Misses and bounces will be 0. The next player throws their darts and their objective is to score higher than the target number. If the score is lower the player loses a life. Last one with lives on the board wins.

Now for Low

Low is pretty much the exact same except a few fun twists. The goal is to score lower than the target number. Bullseye here counts for -25 and double bullseye is -50. Misses and bounces add 25. Once all lives are lost, last one standing wins.

High Score

In this game, everyone will agree on a target score and first to it wins. It’s a super simple game that can last as long as you want. There’s no lives, just one number that everyone wants to get to first.

Keep in mind a few things:

  • The highest possible score to throw with three darts is 180
  • Don’t make it a ridiculously high target
  • Don’t make it super easy to achieve

This is actually a really good game for a beginner to play! You of course have to aim at the board, but you don’t have to aim at anything in particular. Just throw and practice your aim! The more you do it the better you’ll become.

Around the World

This is the perfect game if you want to practice your aim. The goal of this one is to throw “around the world” and land on each number, 1-20, in sequential order. If you hit a number out of order, it doesn’t count. If you miss with all 3 darts, you lose a life.

Whoever ends the game with the most lives or gets “around the world” first wins.

Game Variations

If you feel like you want to make a couple twists with your friends go for it! Darts is a very competitive game but can also but a great pastime with friends and family. If you feel like you’re not doing so well and get discouraged, don’t stop! Just try another game. If you feel it’s too easy, change it up! A couple fun twists you can do are:

Make the rings count different!

For example, the doubles and triples ring will only count as one number throughout the entire game. Say you pick for them to count as 25, throwing and landing on the ring will count as that even if it’s normally double 7.

  • This could be fun for games that involve the point system for winning

Backwards throwing order!

Everyone will throw as normal for throwing order, EXCEPT, order will be decided by furthest to closest. So if you want to go first, the further the better!

Weak hands only!

Play the entire game using your weaker hand for a good laugh with everyone. Not only will it be a challenge, it’ll be a fun way to train yourself to throw with either hand.

*Side note – don’t use your weaker hand if you physically can’t do it! Darts is supposed to be a fun safe game for everyone. The least of your worries should be losing an eye.* 

Doubles and Triples!

Normally, doubles and triples are much harder to hit than the larger area for the numbers. Make the game more interesting by scoring ONLY when a player hits either ring.

Drop a comment and let us know any other games we should feature or any other twists you’ve done with friends!