Best Electronic Dart Boards

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I wanted to switch from my regular sisal dartboard to an electric one. There are a lot of options out there. They also run the gambit in price. So, making the right choice the first time was important.

So, what is the best electronic dartboard? One of the best and most comprehensive electronic dartboards is the Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid.

Best Overall

Cricket Pro 900

This electronic dartboard is as close as you can get to a pro level competition board in the world of electronic dart boards. It has a full feature set, is very well made, and won’t frustrate you with darts falling out.

Keep reading to find out our other top picks in the various categories.

There are many different features that come with various makes of dartboards. I wanted to find one that would meet my needs and skill. And I wondered what kind of darts I would need. After careful study, I came up with these best picks in different categories depending on what you are looking for.

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The Best Electronic Dartboards

Now that we have the list. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it. Below are the styles and features. I’ve linked all the brands to Amazon for current pricing.

Here are our top picks for each category. There are also some good alternatives reviewed below.

Best Overall
Cricket Pro 900
Best With A Cabinet
Viper Metropolitan
Best Board With Bluetooth
Gran Board 3 LED
Best For The Money
Viper 777
Playing Size15.5″ Target Area15.5″ Target Area15.5″ Target Area15.5″ Target Area
Playersup to 8up to 16up to 4 (may change with app upgrades)up to 8
Games48 Games57 games, 307 variationsVaries with app updates43 games, 320 variations
Compatible AppNoNoiOS and Andriod via BluetoothNo
Darts Included6 darts6 darts6 darts6 darts
Best FeatureAutomatic hecklerBuilt-in cabinetPlay against online opponentsAffordable price
MSRP$349.99$309.98 for board and cabinet$299.00$84.99
View On AmazonView On AmazonView On AmazonView On Amazon

Best Overall

Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid

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The Cricket Pro 900 has an 8 player score display and can handle up to 48 games. You have the opportunity to choose from several available features when you play, such as:

  • Single in/out
  • Solo play
  • Player handicap
  • Sleep mode
  • Reset

I like the advanced voice prompt.  I especially like it when I’m winning. If you wish, the advanced voice prompt announces the score.

Another fun aspect is the 3-level heckler. This feature makes the game interactive. It harasses the players for bad throws and great scores.

The cricket Pro 900 has a vivid design and is designed in tournament spider. It has trademarked tournament colors. But if that wasn’t enough, it comes with 6 soft-tip darts with extra tips which are perfect to give to your friends while you use higher quality darts.

CLICK HERE for current price and reviews on Amazon.

Best Electronic Dartboard With A Cabinet

Viper Metropolitan Solid Wood Cabinet & Electronic Dartboard

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The Viper Metropolitan is probably the best cabinet dartboard combo out there. It includes the Viper 800 electronic dartboard along with a solid pine cabinet that comes in 4 finishes. It’s a beauty. It has the regulation 15.5 targets as well as LED backlighting.

Its ultra-thin spider lets you group your darts closer, which increases scoring. The Viper also includes 1 set of Black Magic soft tip darts. They are constructed with brass barrels that are black coated. The darts are very well balanced.

You also have the benefit getting rid of that ugly tape on the floor that serves for the oche. The Viper focused light of the laser toe/throw line marker takes the place of the tape. It can also be used in daylight.

CLICK HERE for current price and reviews on Amazon.

Runner Up | Bullshooter by Arachnid Cricket Max

This is a beautiful cabinet set. The Bullshooter’s large door mounted backlit X/O display is in a very popular bar format. I like turning on the optional heckler feature when I’m playing solo. It mocks the bad darts but cheers me on when I do well. It’s kind of nice to have that interaction when you’re playing alone.

It has a 13.5 target which is smaller than the other options on here. But it is a great option if you want a more compact cabinet/dartboard combination.

CLICK HERE for current price and reviews on Amazon.

Best Electronic Dartboard With Bluetooth

Gran Board 3 LED

The Gran Board 3 LED uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to accentuate your dart game. As long as you have iOS 7 or later, you’ll be able to connect to the board and access the online features.

I used it with my iPhone 7, and it worked great. I have friends who have androids, and they were able to connect as well for a game of darts. The Gran Board comes with two sets of darts so you’ll be ready to play right out of the box.

You can connect this board to your phone, tablet, or even a computer and see your scores and leaderboard on the screen. If you want to take it to the next level, you can even set up a dedicated screen right next to the board as your scoreboard.

While you’re playing, the board lights up in reaction to the numbers you hit. It will light up the number you hit and even have a bit of a celebratory display when you have a high scoring round or a bullseye. While this doesn’t change much as far as gameplay and functionality…it’s a lot of fun.

One of the cooler features of this board is the ability to play against online opponents. While not quite as fun as beating your mates in a game over a few beers, it’s a great way to practice with some added pressure.

Overall, this board takes the fun and enjoyment of playing darts to the next level. It doesn’t have the professional level pedigree as the Cricket Pro 900 above, but it is a lot of fun and perfect for the casual player that entertains guests and wants to create a fun atmosphere.

CLICK HERE for current price and reviews on Amazon.

Best Electroni Dartboard For The Money (Budget Option)

Viper 777

With a 15.5 regulation target face, the Viper 777 is a great priced big boy dartboard. This is tournament quality and provides a superb, durable playing surface.  Some of its features include:

  • Bilingual voice options in English and Spanish
  • An ultra-thin spider that reduces bunce backs
  • 43 games with 320 options
  • The LCD display gives you a crisp view of statistics and scoring—no manual scorekeeping.

This little number has a great price and will work in a bar or your home.

CLICK HERE for current price and reviews on Amazon.

Runner Up | Viper Orion

For the price, the Viper Orion is one spiffy little board. Because of the price it’s great for a first-time electric dartboard buyer. The only reason it wasn’t our top choice in the budget category is because the Viper 777 is a little bit more affordable. Both are great dartboards and I would say the Viper Orion is a step above the 777…if you want to spend a little bit more.

Some of its features include:

  • Ultra-thin spider reduces bounce-outs
  • Bilingual voice options for English and Spanish
  • 32 games with 300 options
  • Accommodates up to 8 people
  • The LCD display gives a clear view of scoring and statistics
  • 6 soft-tip starter darts

CLICK HERE for current price and reviews on Amazon.

What to Look for When Choosing an Electronic Dartboard

I could go on and on with what to look for. But that’s because I know my skill level and goals. Take a look at what your needs are and try to match them up with the right electric dartboard. But keep in mind that the basics are more important than the bells and whistles.

Some areas that stick out when it comes to choosing include:

  1. Price
  2. Warranty
  3. Regulations
  4. Design

Some of these may seem obvious, but I need to point them out anyway. Let’s start with the first and most obvious one.


Electric dartboards are going to be pricier than your regular sisal board. So, you want to do the research. In the list I gave you above, the pricing ran from $40 to over $250. That’s quite a range. Do some research. If you’re starting out, do you need a $200 board, or will the lesser-priced board be fine?

Brand names can skyrocket a price. Don’t get caught up with labels.


I’m not looking to buy a wall decoration; I want a functioning dartboard. It may look pretty but if you can’t play on it what good is it. When an electric dartboard breaks it’s usually done for. They’re pretty much impossible to repair. Some warranties are restrictive, and some are full warranties and even cover broken darts. I look at it this way, and if they’re willing to cover everything, it must be good. So, you might want to pay a little more to get that warranty.


Are you a bar and basement player, or are you aspiring to play professionally? Or maybe you’re just a stickler for the rules. Regardless, you’ll need to decide if having a regulation board is important to you. Regarding regulations, somethings to look for include:

  • Size of the board
  • Type of darts

When choosing a board, keep in mind whatever you’re practicing on is going to be different than what you compete on. The trick is to make it as close as possible.


There are all kinds of shapes and sizes when it comes to electronic dartboard design. A cork, sisal, or paper dartboard all have a diameter of 18 inches. Most electronic ones are pretty close in size. So, from a size standpoint they’re both pretty much the same.

The difference is really in the scoring. When I first started playing, I had trouble with the scoring. My electric dartboard did the scoring for me. That’s the beauty. You can just keep throwing darts and let the board do the work. That way you won’t get confused and put down the wrong score. You can just play and have fun.