Best Foosball Table Brands For Your Game Room

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If you are looking for a new table for your game room then you want to make sure that you choose from the best foosball table brands on the market.

A quality Foosball table is part game, part furniture, and part work of art.

Some tables are so well made and well designed that they can add class and a luxury look to your game room that may be lacking otherwise.

When selecting a Foosball table, there are some brands that easily stand above the rest as providing the highest quality, best durability, and most consistent game play. I’ll give you a list of some of the top Foosball table brands, what makes them the best, some great choices from their lineup, and even some more budget friendly options that are still good quality.

If you are looking for a good Foosball table under $500 then check out my list here.

If you want the best of the best when it comes to Foosball tables then these are the brands and tables you want to look at.


When it comes to Foosball tables, the first name most people think of is Tornado Tables, and for good reason. Tornado tables have been used in national and international Foosball competitions for years. They are the big boys on the block that everyone is looking up to.

The three top Tornado models below are all incredible tables. They have a lot of features in common. They use the traditional 3 man goalie design, have thin inner bearings that do not allow for a gap between the man and the wall, newly designed player foot which allows more precise ball control, and all three are heavy, sturdy tables that also look great.

Tornado tables are all manufactured in the USA.

Tornado Elite

The Tornado Elite Table is the top of the line Tornado model. If you want what many consider to be the best of the best, then don’t bother going any further.
The Elite model is very similar to the Classic, although slightly more expensive. It also has much higher quality rods and a Victorian Cherry Laminate finish, which is more traditional looking.

This table would like right at home in a wood furnished home bar or game room.

(NOTE: I left the Tornado Tournament 3000 off the list because it is more of a commercial quality or tournament level table rather than a home table and, honestly, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth an extra $400-500. But if you are interested in checking it out CLICK HERE)


Length: 56”
Width: 30”
Height: 36”
Weight: 225 lbs.

Adjustable commercial grade levelers. 3-man goalie style. Solid wood handles. ¾ inch laminate playfield.
Dual side ball returns. While certainly not a huge feature. It is kind of nice when playing for a while to not to need to reach over to the end of the table to get the ball. This makes it easier for either player on a given side to grab the ball quickly and keep the game going.

Build Quality

This table and sturdy, well build, and heavy.
At 225 lbs., it is the heaviest of the Tornado tables along with the Classic. Not only is this table going to be extremely stable during game play, but it will probably outlast you and me.

Who’s This For?

Serious Foosball players that want the best in both aesthetics and gameplay.

You can click here to get the latest price.

Tornado Classic

A step above the Sport model and a little bit of a different look.

The Classic has a modern Black Leather Laminate finish and weighs 25 lbs. more than the Sport. It also has counterbalanced players, a must have feature for advanced level players.


Length: 56”
Width: 30”
Height: 36”
Weight: 225 lbs.

Its ¾ inch laminate playfield is equal to that of the Elite table. The .125” steel rods are a step below the commercial grade rods in the Elite table. It does have the solid wood handles found on the Elite table though.

Build Quality

This one is in between the Sport and the Elite as far as build quality. It is 225 lbs. like the Elite so you know it isn’t going to move around during an intense game.

Who’s This For?

This one is probably a personal preference. The black finish makes it a good alternative to the Elite when your room decor doesn’t work with the wood look of the Elite.

Tornado Sport

This is the entry level of the high end Foosball tables and one of their most popular tables. It replaced the Whirlwind at this spot in the Tornado lineup. This is an excellent pro quality table. Really the only competitors are the other Tornado tables on this list as they are just a little bit heavier and more sturdy. But you can get this table and safely assume it will last for many many years and deliver an extremely high quality of play.


Length: 56”
Width: 30”
Height: 36”
Weight: 200 lbs.

¾ inch melamine playfield which is a step below the laminate playfield of the other two Tornado models.

It has end ball returns rather than side returns that the higher end tables have. Side returns are a nice touch but it doesn’t take that much effort to grab the ball from the end.

This table has plastic handles as compared to the wood handles on the other tables.

The leg levelers are adjustable boots rather than screw out adjusters.

Build Quality

This is a sturdy table. Weighing at 200 lbs, this table has a 1” thick Mohogany Melamine finish. It is a little lighter than the others above, but still a solid and sturdy option. None of these Tornado tables are going to fall apart. They all have tremendous build quality.

Who’s This For ?

Beginners and intermediate players that want to add a high quality piece to their home. It has a look more like the Elite but at a lower price point.

Other Great Brands


The Carrom brand makes their tables in the USA…Ludington, MI to be exact. They have been around for over 100 years. Carrom got their start making billiard tables and have since expanded into Foosball, air hockey, bubble hockey, tabletop shuffleboard, and other types of game tables. They tend to position themselves more as the high quality “family gaming” brand rather than focusing on tournament quality tables. But they make great Foosball tables nonetheless. 

The Carrom Signature is their top model and is right on par with a table like the Tornado Sport.

One major feature that separates the Signature from other models in their price range are the counterbalanced men. Plus, it’s available in three different finishes and comes with two different sets of men.


Warrior is a great option at a much lower price point than the Tornado tables. If you are not a serious player and simply want a good quality table for average use, then this one is worth looking at.

The Warrior Professional is a great option at a much lower price point than the Tornado models. It has a lot of the features of a top line table, such as counterbalanced men and it weighs in at 202 lbs which makes it quite stable during game play.

It features an all black design which may work better in your home game room than the wood design of some of the other tables on this list.

This table uses a one man goalie setup as opposed to the more traditional three man setup of the Tornado tables. That may not be a huge deal to some but its worth noting here in case that matters to you.


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