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How To Hang A Dartboard

Darts have been a mainstay in English pubs and American bars for over seven hundred years. It’s a fun game and can help with eye-hand coordination. Hanging the board correctly adds to the enjoyment. I like playing darts. Some people are gamers, but I’m a game player. And my game is darts. So, how do …

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3 Player Dart Games

The game of darts has been around for several hundred years. Over the past few centuries, a lot of variations of the game came about bringing forth a few of the most well-known versions. For those of you who want to get together as a group and play a few rounds, here are five games …

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Air Hockey Rules

Air hockey is one of the most fun games you can play, but what many don’t realize is that it can be taken as seriously as any other sport. If you want to level up your air hockey competitions, or even host a tournament with your own air hockey table, then having a consistent set …

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