15 Cool Things For A Home Bar

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Every home bar needs some cool things.

Having cool things for a home bar is what makes it interesting and unique.

So I decided to compile a list of all the unique and cool things I’ve found online that have either found their way to my home bar or are on my wish list.

This list is all about the bar itself, so if you are looking for a great list of games for your bar or game room check out this list of great games instead.

Bar Tools

We are going to start off pretty basic. If you don’t have a bar tool set then how are you going to mix drinks for your friends properly? Here are a few different options I found that have all the basics tools you need to get started and cover three different price ranges depending on your budget.

1. Mixing Kit

10 Piece Stainless Steel by Naava – This is a great budget option. It has all the basics like a shaker, three pouring spouts, shaker, ice tongs, strainer, measuring jigger, corkscrew, beer opener and stand to hold everything. If you are just looking to make basic drinks or just getting started entertaining guests or learning to make drinks, this is probably the one you want to go for.

11 Piece Stainless Steel Set – This one is s step above the 10 piece as far as quality but it is lacking a stand. It includes a strainer, jigger, 2 shakers, bar spoon, pourer, muddler, fruit peeler, bottle opener, cork screwer and ice tongs. The fruit peeler and muddler are not included in the 10 piece and are well worth having if you like drinks that require them. This would probably be the most popular option for home bar owners.

“Aura” Hammered Copper Bar Tools Set – This is by far my favorite. It has a really cool hammered copper look. This is perfect for a home bar that you want to have that classy high end look to it. The shaker is sold separately but the price seems reasonable given the hammered copper material it is made of.  

Unique Bar Accessories

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s look at some unique accessories that are going to make your home bar stand out.

2. Bottle Illuminator

Now we are getting into the things that make your home bar stand out and look awesome.

2 Step Bar Shelf Bottle Glorifier 24″ –  This bottle illuminator is perfect for those home bar owners that want to show off their best (most expensive) bottles of liquor or just want to add that unique touch to their home bar. It comes with a programmable remote for color changing LED lights. So you can change the color according to the bottles you are displaying or even for the holiday or party theme!

These come in sizes from 16″ up to 96″ so click on the link above to check the prices for various sizes. You can also get a 3 step version.

2′ Long RGB LED Wireless Remote Controlled Illuminated Bottle Shelf – This one is similar to the 2-step model above but it is not as high and can be hung on the wall. That makes it more versatile and better for smaller home bars that may not have a lot of space to put a multi-step display. The only downside is that if you hang it on the wall, the power cord will be visible unless you run it behind the wall or hide it some other way.  

Home Bar Necessities

You need to keep the drinks cold. Whether you like beer or wine, these items are a must have for your home bar.

3. Mini-Fridge

Every bar needs a refrigerator. You don’t want to be running to the kitchen every time you need a beer, a mixer, or some ice. The size of fridge you get for your home bar depends on how much room you have, what you’ll be using it for, and your budget.

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Refrigerator, 3.2 Cu Ft – I like this one because it has everything you need for a home bar setup…frezzer section for ice, can rack for beer, enough space for taller bottles, and a thermostat adjustment to keep the temperature regulated. This one also comes in seven color variations so you can get the one that fits your bar decor perfectly.

4. Kegerator

If you are a beer drinker or if you frequently have parties, a kegerator is probably the single most useful addition to your home bar that you can make.

EdgeStar KC2000 Full Size Kegerator – I could write a whole page on kegerators (and probably will in the future) as there is so much to take into consideration when choosing one. When choosing one, you want to consider the space you have available, what size kegs you normally purchase, whether you want to have a double tap (for two smaller kegs in one kegerator) or just a single, and of course, your budget. 

So for this post, I’ll just keep it simple, the EdgeStar is one of the most popular brands out there and the KC2000 is one of their most popular models. It’s not crazy expensive and has all the basic features you need to get started in the world of kegerators. You can’t go wrong with this one.

5. Wine Refrigerator

Beer not your thing?  More of a wine connoisseur? Then you don’t need a kegerator, you need a wine fridge.

Kalamera 24” Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle – This 46 bottle capacity wine fridge checks all the boxes. The Stainless steel design looks great anywhere. It has a temperature memory function that remembers the last temp you had it set for if the power goes out. It has dual zone control so you can keep various types of wine in the same place. It also runs virtually silent with low vibration, so wine sediments are not disturbed. With all this though, it’s a little pricy.

NewAir AW-320ED 32-Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler – This NewAir model is more moderately priced. It has slightly less bottle capacity at 32 but does contain dual zone temperature control. It has a more subdued black front design as well which many may prefer. The 14 chrome plated wire shelves are removable to customize the storage area as needed. Finally, it has LED lighting to illuminate your bottle collection. At roughly half the price of the Kalamera, this is likely to be the more popular option, but both are amazing wine refrigerators. 

6. Fridge Thermometer

NexGadget Waterproof Fridge Freezer Thermometer – This one isn’t as exciting or fun as a lot of the other items on this list but it is absolutely necessary. Whether you are storing beer, wine, or even some food in your bar fridge, you frequently need to make sure the temperature is correct. Even the most expensive refrigerators can be off with their temperature measurements and many mini-fridges don’t even have a temperature gauge. So pick up a thermometer like this and check to see how accurate your readings are and you’ll always be serving your beer and wine at the perfect temperature.  

Bar Glassware

Having unique glassware (and a way to display it) are critical to giving your bar some character.

7. Twisty Whiskey Glasses

Twist Whiskey/Scotch Glasses By Ashcroft – Back to the cool stuff. Every bar should have some unique glasses. They are conversation starters. I think they even add to the experience of drinking. These twisty whisky glasses are just unique enough without being weird to add some uniqueness to your home bar while still keeping it classy while you drink that Johnny Walker Blue Label. 

8. Globe That Holds Bottles

These are definitely some of the more unique things I have found for a home bar. Stuff like this are what I love because they add a style to your space that makes it interesting.

Goplus 34″ 16th Century Wood Globe Wine Bar Stand – This is great for putting in a space where you may not have a whole bar set up but still want a drink serving area, such as a living or dining room. It is a 16th Century style globe that opens up to hold bottles of wine or liquor and an assortment of glasses as well. It is also contained within a wooden serving cart so you can use it to hold other bottles or appetizers or pretty much anything that you think goes with a 16th Century globe. This one is sure to be a conversation starter.

Merske 20-Inch Diameter 16th Century Italian Style Floor Globe Bar – This is s smaller version of the globe bottle holder. I think this would work well in a smaller space such as a den or home office. It’s a great way to hide the whiskey from your boss in the corner of your office. It also works as a accent piece in a more traditional style home bar setup.

Cool Bar Decorations

You need some kind of bar decorations to make your space personal and unique. These are a few of my favorites.

9. Cheesy Marquee BAR Sign

No home bar (or real bar for that matter) would be complete without some kind of cheesey kitchy sign. You can go with some old movie or sports posters, but this is even better.

LED Illuminated Marquee BAR Sign – This is a plastic Marquee that is LED illuminated. My favorite part is that each letter can be hung or placed seperately so you can get creative with the placement of them (or spell out BRA if you really want to). Each letter is about 7-9″ wide. Because they are LED lights, you never have to worry about them getting too hot and they will last a long time. It comes with integrated holes for wall mounting.

10. “Cocktails and Dreams” Neon Sign Straight From The 80s

While we are on the subject of cheesy signs…

Cocktails and Dreams Neon Sign – So if you are old enough to have watched the movie Cocktail then you’ve probably stood behind your bar and tried to toss a bottle in the air while making a drink. You’ve probably also realized that its harder than it looks and spent the next hour picking up glass from the floor.

Skip the bottle juggling and go for the neon sign instead.

More Cool Stuff…

Ok, so these didn’t fit in any categories, but they are awesome anyway.

11. Liquor Dispenser

Find yourself making a lot of mixed drinks for your friends with the same liquors over and over again? Have big parties and have to make drinks quickly and easily so you don’t spend the entire night behind the bar? A liquor dispensers is perfect for you.

Final Touch 6 Bottle Bar Caddy Liquor Dispenser – This dispenser is made with an aluminum frame and base with mirror finish, holds up to 6 bottles, up to 1 liter each and contains a leak-proof spring-loaded dispenser. It will pour 1.5 ounce shots simply by pressing the glass or shaker up to the dispenser. 

12. Electric Glass Washer

Have a bar with a sink? Hate washing all the glasses the morning after a party? This might help.

Bar Maid A-200 Upright 5-Brush Electric Glass Washer – So this might be something you’re more likely to see in a real bar with paying customers, but if you have large parties it can really come in handy. It is made to fit all standard-sized bar sinks. The relatively quiet motor sits above the water level and the brushes let you continuously wash glasses throughout the night without much effort. It is constructed out of stainless steel and built to last for years. 

13. Hanging Glass and Bottle Rack

Very few things add a real bar feel to a home bar more than having glasses hanging from a rack.

WGX Wine Bar Wall Rack 47″ – This rack holds both glasses and wine bottles. It comes in both black and bronze to fit your decor and holds up to 11 bottles and 30 glasses. The width of the rack can also be adjusted to fit different spaces. 

14. Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

What better way to end the night (or get it started) than with a nice cappuccino or espresso.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker – This is a great, relatively inexpensive, model that can add cappuccino and espresso to the menu of your dinner parties. After dinner, everyone needs a little caffeine before the party starts so why not deliver it in style.  Whether the party is heading out to a nightblub or just relocating to your home bar, this is a must have item for entertaining friends.

15. Frozen Drink Machine

Who doesn’t love a frozen drink. Whether it’s for your tiki bar by the pool or just to put in the kitchen for those hot weekends, a frozen drink machine is incredible to have.

Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker – When you think margaritas, you probably think of Jimmy Buffet and Margaritaville. In addition to being a really well made machine, this also has a little of that Margaritaville style that would look at home in any Carribbean island bar. As for the functions, it doesn’t just grind the ice like a blender, it creates premium shaved ice for a more authentic frozen drink experience. It has 4 Pre-Programmed Drink Settings; Automatic Shave ‘n Blend cycle; and manual Blend Only/Shave Only cycles.

You do have to grill your own cheeseburger in paradise though.