7 Fun Drinking Games For Two People (without cards or dice)

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Who says that two can’t be a party? Whether you’re limited on guests but not the booze or maybe just want to have an evening with two, here are a few games to enjoy:

1. Never Have I Ever

This drinking game is an oldie but a good one for those getting to know their buddy. Each player takes turns stating things they have never done. If the other person had done it, they have to take a drink. The game can be made more interesting by setting grounds for realistic activities and laying out a certain number of shots. The one to take all their shots loses. This game is perfect if the two players don’t know each other well enough or could be deadly for those that are long-time friends.

2. Drunk Checkers

There isn’t a household alive that doesn’t have a checker board lying around. Lay out the colors and have at it. Every piece taken from your opponent means your opponent must take a drink. The game gets interesting as strategy gives away to drunken antics! The longer the game goes; you’ll find each other struggling to remember who is what color. Two drinks should be taken when a piece makes it to the opponent side and gets crowned “King”. If you really feel daring, you can add to the rules making it so that any “King” piece that captures an opponent piece means that the opponent has to take two drinks.

3. Sink My Drink

Another board game evolution for you game lovers out there! Each player starts out with making their own battleship board. For a decent game, it’s encouraged to use a 7×7 grid. The columns should be marked as 1 through 7 at the top, while the letters A through G should be written vertical to each row. Players will then mark six or eight random squares on their board. Players will need to line up the same number of shots. So, six spots marked means each player has six shots to take. Then, each player will take turns calling out a coordinate. For example, A1 or G5. If the opponent as a square marked at the coordinate, the opponent takes a shot. First player to drink all their shots loses.

4. Top Me Off

This game will take a bit more crafting but can be a good source of laughter and challenge. All you need is two plastic cups and two headbands (simple finds from a dollar store really). Glue each cup to the headband so the cup stands straight up. Each player will take a small plastic ball that will fit into the cup. Depending on what kind of alcohol and what kind of drinker you are, you might want to start out with 4 balls. Each player will sit a distance from each other (or stand for challenge) and take turns throwing the ball. The goal is to get your ball into your opponent’s cup. Each ball you get in is a shot your opponent can take. Naturally, the drunker you get the more dangerous it can be so be sure to only use under handed tosses.

5. Truth, Dare or Shot

Taking a bit of a twist to Truth or Dare, this game is quick to get people either laughing, crying or so drunk they might be doing both. Players will take turns giving each other a choice: tell a truth, take a dare or take a shot. You’ll find the drunker you get, the crazier the game becomes. Depending on how crazy you want to be, you may want to lay out a number of rules beforehand. Drink and dare responsibly!

6. Movie Drinking Games

Perfect for drinkers that don’t care for loud rambunctious games, there are lots of TV shows or movies adapted for enjoying a drinking game. The game continues until the end of the movie (or until someone cannot hold it anymore) with players taking a drunk every time a specific action or event occurs. Here’s a few examples:

  • The Office is fairly popular with players taking a shot every time the camera focuses on Jim Evans or double shots when Kelly is oblivious to Ryan’s feeling of annoyance. This game can also be played with any movie if you get creative.
  • Die Hard is an action-movie classic and perfect for knocking a few shots with. Take a drink when a radio or walkie-talkie is used to communication. Take a double shot when McClane kills a bad guy. Triple shot when McClane has a one-sided conversation.

7. Shoot Out

Now if you’re a good shot, this is a game for you! Each player lines up a number of plastic cups across from each other. It’s recommended to keep a good bit of space between you usually approximately 4 to 5 feet. If you like more of a challenge, try moving further away. Using two toy guns, each player lines up and starts firing at the same time. The first player to knock down all their opponent’s cups wins! Alternatively, if a player runs out of ammo before all cups are knocked over, they lose and have to take a drink.

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