How Much Does A Foosball Table Cost?

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A game room is hardly complete without a foosball table. You have the perfect place to put one, now you just have to find the perfect one for the spot.

So, how much does a Foosball table cost? Most Foosball tables fall within a wide range of $100 to $3,000. Better quality Foosball tables typically start above the $500 mark.

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Below you will find a breakdown of foosball table prices and what you can expect to find on some of the nicer tables available.

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The Cost of a Foosball Table

Foosball tables come in many shapes and sizes and you probably want to know what is a fair price to pay for one. As with most things, there is a range of prices – and there are plenty of options to suit every need and budget imaginable.

Under $100

At the lowest end of the price scale are your small, tabletop foosball tables. These tables will cost you less than $100. A tabletop game won’t help you hone your foosball skills to the level of a professional, but they still provide hours of fun.

A portable foosball table features two or three handles for each player to control. They give you the ability to play anywhere you wish, unlike a full foosball table. It’s the perfect option for the tightest budgets, the most casual players, and children.

$100 to $300

The next level includes foosball tables that can run up to $300. For casual players that want a full foosball table without the large price tag, these kinds of tables are a good bet. They also make a great addition to the kids’ game room.

Even at this mid-priced range, these foosball tables are full-sized. They feature three or four handles for each player to use. However, while they do stand on their own, they aren’t as sturdy as the more expensive models. They certainly won’t last as long.

Over $300

The best quality foosball tables can easily push you above $1,000 for more decked-out versions. Even the highest of the high-end foosball tables in this category usually won’t rise above $2,000, but it’s entirely possible to find them up to $4,000.

You can purchase a high-quality foosball table for your game room in the $500 to $800 price range that will last you for years. The more features a foosball table includes, the pricier it’s likely to be.

Foosball Table Features

Features are the icing on the cake that make a more quality foosball table. They aren’t at all necessary for playing the game, but they definitely make it a lot more enjoyable. For serious foosball players, these things aren’t negotiable.

Keep in mind — the addition of these features will make any foosball table more expensive. You aren’t going to find them on a tabletop version of the game. They are more of the “gold standard’ if you are looking for the best of the best.

Features that you may find on a more expensive foosball table include:

  • Quality materials that result in a thick, heavy table
  • Foosball men with pointed, textured toes
  • Counterbalanced foosball men
  • Adjustable legs
  • Wooden handles
  • Tacky foosballs
  • Side ball returns
  • Multi-Game tables

Quality Materials

A good heavy foosball table will stand up to wear and tear better than a lighter one. Look for a table over 200 pounds with side rails that are 1 1/2 inches thick. A heavier table has less of a chance of moving around during games.

Foosball Figures with Pointed, Textured Toes

Advanced shots and movements are easily achieved when your foosball men have pointed toes and cross-hatching present. You can pin the ball down, make bank shots, and pass the ball between your own players. It’s not possible to do these things with traditional round-toed foosball men.

Counterbalanced Players

Counterbalanced foosball men enhance smooth gameplay for more experienced players. These foosball men have the same amount of weight in the head as in the feet. You can make quicker shots than with traditional foosball men that have all the weight in the feet.

Adjustable Legs

Depending on the height of the people playing, adjustable legs help make for fair games. You can move the table up or down so it’s the perfect height for everyone involved.

Wooden Handles

These provide a better grip than normal plastic handles. They give you the ability to make advanced shots without as much risk of your hand slipping from the rod.

Tacky Foosballs

Tackiness on the ball makes it easy to pin down for the most advanced shots. You can easily replace the balls from any foosball table without much fuss. Avoid any balls that are shiny and slick.

Side Ball Returns

Now, these are just a matter of convenience rather than effective gameplay. You don’t have to worry about moving to retrieve balls and your table can be placed closer to a wall.

Multi-Game Table

While not a feature exclusive to the game of foosball, purchasing a multi-game table could end up saving you money in the long run. These tables feature more than one game in the same table, making it simple to switch between them. They also save space!

Replacement Parts for Foosball Tables

One additional cost to consider is the price of replacing any parts that may get broken or go missing. Repairing and replacing parts is much cheaper than buying an entirely new table. You can find replacements for all the smaller components of your table.

Foosball Men

Whether you want to replace your traditional foosball men for ones with a better design or a few of your foosball men have broken over time, replacements are available. You can buy individual foosball men or source a whole set of 22 or 26 men.

Individual foosball men are relatively inexpensive. They will typically cost around $5 per man. It’s much more common to find packs of 2-4 foosball men rather than one at a time, so you have others on hand just in case.

An entire set of foosball men will cost around $50 on average. They can get more expensive for higher quality brands. You will probably only have to replace the entire set once, though, with minor replacements throughout time.

Foosball Rods

The rods that hold your foosball men are an essential part of the game. The best quality foosball rods are light-weight and hollow to enhance your playing experience. Heavier foosball rods tend to slow down moves.

Individual foosball rods can be purchased for around $35 if one of your rods is damaged. If you’re hoping to replace an entire set of foosball rods, you’re looking at around $250.

Foosball Balls

Because they’re so small, foosball balls are good at disappearing. Thankfully, they are one of the least expensive parts of a foosball table to replace.

You can buy balls in packs of 4 or more, just in case they continue to get lost. They will typically cost you around $3 a piece. The more expensive tournament-style balls can get up to $6, if you want the fancier stuff.

Foosball Handles

The cost of foosball handles varies depending on the material they’re made from and how many you buy. Plastic handles are cheaper than wooden handles. You may also get them discounted if you buy a full set of 8 rather than one at a time.

Cheaper handles will run you about $4 per handle. The more expensive options can get as high as $12 per handle.

Foosball Tables for Everyone

That empty space in your home is ready to be filled. No matter what your budget is you are sure to find a foosball table at your price.

If tabletop games aren’t your cup of tea, you can get a full table for less than $300. And for the serious players, the options for quality are countless. From all-inclusive tables to upgrades, you can find it all.

Just make sure you keep track of those tricky little balls!