Logitech Harmony Elite vs Ultimate Home

When it comes to home theater remotes, Logitech is the big boy on the block. At the top of their product line are two very similar remote control systems with many similar features, the Harmony Elite and the Ultimate Home. If you are comparing the

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Best Air Hockey Tables

Who doesn’t love air hockey? It’s easy to play, fast paced, and exciting. It is pretty much the ultimate game room addition. But air hockey tables are big and can be expensive, so you want to do your research before making such an investment. If

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Logitech Harmony 350 vs. 650

Comparing the Logitech Harmony 350 vs. 650 reveals two very well made and similar remotes. The primary differences between the Harmony 350 and 650 are the 350 only has one “activity” function (“watch TV”) while the 650 can be programmed with multiple activities and the

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7 Common Easy Dart Games (That You Should Know)

There’s more to darts than just throwing them and scoring points. Here are some easy dart games you can try challenge yourself and develop your skills! If you’re more serious about learning, check out our guide for buying professional level dartboards. 1. 301 and 501

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Best Bubble Hockey Table For Home Use

Do you need something fun for you and your friends to enjoy during hangouts? One of the best ways to entertain your company is with a bubble hockey table. Depending on where you live, it might be called rod hockey or dome hockey. Either way,

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How Long Does Beer Last In A Keg?

Try as you might, sometimes you can’t finish a keg quickly. But how long does beer last in a keg? It depends on the method of storage, the kind of beer, the style of tapper, the temperature of the storage area, and a few other

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Logitech Harmony Elite vs. 950

At the high end of the Logitech Universal remote offerings you’ll find the Harmony Elite and the Harmony 950. What is not obvious from reading the Logitech website or even some other review sites, is that the Harmony 950 and the Elite are actually the

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